Here you will find a my current class schedule.   You can also request for me to teach in your area!  Do you have a shop, studio or know of someone who does? Contact me and we'll get a special class set up just for you and your group!

NEW! Online Workshop

I am so excited to announce my online workshop, Luscious Layered Portraits!  Registration for Fall Session is open NOW! Sign up for the Early Bird Tier and save $50 plus receive a FREE handmade journal and collage paper pack! Class begins November 1! 



Art & Soul Virginia Beach

October 1-6, 2018

I'm excited to return to Virginia Beach for Art & Soul 2018!  Registration is now open!

Birds & Beeswax

Monday, October 1, 2018

In this class, we’ll build a beautiful, colorful, layered background on a wood panel and add texture and dimension with collage, ephemera, and found objects to create a work of art that delights the senses: visual, tactile, and aromatic! Beeswax is a lovely media to use to adhere collage elements and to give your artwork a little something extra. We’ll use it as our main adhesive and have fun discovering it’s unique properties. If you’ve never used beeswax in your art before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use to build beautiful, translucent layers and how it enhances your artwork, giving it a unique texture and fragrance. Beeswax is so versatile! We’ll collage with it, add color to it, create textures and use it to seal our artwork.

Collage Paper Party!

Tuesday Evening, October 2, 2018

Let’s get this (collage paper!!) party started! I’ll show you all my favorite materials and go-to techniques that I use to create bright, bold, luscious collage paper! These collage papers are PERFECT for using in your art journals, mixed media collage canvases, decoupage paper, and other mixed media projects etc. We’ll start with creative mark making using oil pastels and stamping found items into acrylic paint (Basic rule: if it doesn’t move, you can stamp with it!) then move into the secrets for creating bright, bold layers (not muddy mud!). I’ll show you the tricks for using the right colors to create contrast and the tips to avoid muddy colors. We’ll use spray inks and acrylic paint through stencils, and use rubbing plates and stamps to create beautiful resists. But we’re not done yet! We’ll also use the gelli plate to create gorgeous textures and patterns that we will also pile more fun layers onto! I’ll also show you some very simple techniques with my favorite of all time art supply: the paint pen! They truly add that finishing touch and really are the life of the party!

Drip, Paint, Collage

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Let’s get messy as we explore fluid media on wood panels to create beautiful, abstract, vibrant works of art! I’ll show you my favorite techniques for using fluid media (fluid acrylics, paint pens, and acrylic inks) to create lively backgrounds full of color and texture. We’ll also explore adding collage layers as a way to tie the canvas together. I’ll show you how to create luscious, layered collage papers using all my favorite materials: oil pastels, spray inks, rubbing plates, gelli plate, stencils & acrylic paint. These will fit into our backgrounds and allow us to play with pushing and pulling layers and building up to our finished work of art.

Mixed Media Junk Journals

Friday, October 5, 2018

Come and play as you create a beautiful, unique mixed media junk journal with a custom canvas cover and fill it with an explosion of colorful, handmade paper notebooks! We’ll learn a variety of techniques and explore different media to create beautiful junk journal covers using canvas and embellish with colorful ribbon, felt, buttons and other unique ephemera! We’ll create the notebooks using an assortment of paper for the covers and vintage & recycled paper for the inside pages. These are perfect for bullet journaling, list making, planning and art journaling! We’ll also get a chance to play in our junk journals and create beautiful, layered collage and mixed media backgrounds. The notebooks are interchangeable and can be used in planners or traveller’s notebooks or even used separately as travel art journals! Come learn all the possibilities as we build your own colorful, custom junk journal!

Flower Girls & Ghouls

Saturday, October 6, 2018

I LOVE Day of the Dead, Halloween and all things spooky and I LOVE to draw and paint mixed media faces in my art journal which is how this class was born! I’ll show you how to build up layers in your art journal with my favorite materials and techniques. I’ll also show you how to draw quick and easy faces that require no previous drawing experience. If you’ve taken a portraits class with me before, we will be building upon your previous knowledge and taking your portraits to the next level. If you’ve never drawn a face before or are afraid to, this is also the perfect class for you! All levels are welcome and will learn some new tricks on how to improve your mixed media portrait skills! Once we have the basics of the face down, we’ll explore two separate techniques using oil paintstiks and acrylic paint to build up some very basic shadows and highlights to give the face character and depth. We’ll also add collage bits and pieces to play with the background and foreground and enhance our portraits.

Art & Soul Portland

March 10-17, 2019

Join me in Portland, Oregon for an amazing, art-filled week! Registration now OPEN!

Painted Portfolio Journal

Sunday, March 10, 2019

I love to create artful, beautiful portfolio journals to hold my artwork in. Not only is this painted portfolio journal fun and luscious on the outside, it’s also full of color, secret compartments and a place to hold interchangeable notebooks and journals inside! First, we’ll create our own unique collage paper, using multiple techniques and a variety of media. We’ll use oil pastels to create texture and pattern, and spray inks to create resists and layer acrylic paint and paint pen marks on top of that. We’ll also create prints with the gelli plate and continue creating rich, colorful layer after layer. Then we’ll adorn our portfolio journals with our collage papers, and add more marks, prints and painted layers with stamps, found objects, acrylic paint and paint pens. We’ll create two notebook-style journals filled with a variety of collage, vintage, and patterned paper to include inside. Then, wrap it all up in bright, silk sari ribbon to act as both a beautiful and functional way to keep our artwork secure inside!

"She Three" Collage Portraits

Monday, March 11, 2019

We’re always in the present, but we also contain an unchangeable past and an unknowable future. “She Three” explores the various parts of ourselves along our creative path as we learn to stay in the present moment, but also drawing upon past experiences as we each head toward a unique, artistic conclusion. We’ll explore the theme of “Past, Present, and Future” as we create beautiful, complex, layered collage portraits over a mixed media background in our art journals. We will learn how to build up layers in our journals using various media and techniques including: mixing oil and water based media to create resists, creating depth and layers with acrylic paint, paint pens and collage, creating our own unique collage paper using various printmaking/mark-making techniques).

More is More: Messy Masterpieces

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

I love to go all in and throw every color of the rainbow on my canvas or journal page. The layering process, for me, is where all the fun is! But there's a trick to it: think of it as climbing a mountain. You start at the base, the largest part. This is where anything goes: marks, splatters, drips, scribbles, collage. Just let yourself make a "mess." Then, with each layer or step up the mountain, our marks and layers become more and more restrained. We begin to make more calculated and careful moves to bring us to the final layer (or top of the mountain). We'll start by creating with a few loosening up exercises, practicing marks and techniques to create our own unique collage papers. These will come in handy later as we add them into our pieces later on. I'll show you how to build up layers with oil pastels, spray ink, acrylic paint and paint pens as we create at least two journal spreads (if you bring more than one journal, you can work on more pages at a time--this is how I like to work). Then, we'll work on adding collage, acrylic paint, spray ink through stencils and marks with paint pens. With the stabilo pencil, we'll write words, make marks and draw simple shapes & images (ex: organic shapes in nature or geometric shapes, simple flowers, animals, faces and/or figures).

Art & Soul  Colorado SPrings

May 28-June 2, 2019

Join me in Colorado Springs, Colorado for an amazing, art-filled week! Registration now OPEN!

Nurture Inspiration

Thursday, May 30, 2019

We’ll start with a mixed media collage in our art journals where we can practice the basics of building backgrounds, adding layers and experimenting with different mixed media supplies, tools & techniques. Then we’ll jump onto the canvas where we will use what we learned to explore a slightly different surface but with dramatic results! We’ll jump back and forth between art journal and canvas (which is how I often work--on multiple surfaces to keep the momentum and creativity going!) Techniques covered include: gel medium transfers, modeling paste texture, 3D collage, and more! We’ll be using common art supplies like stencils to create our background & focal image. Together we’ll nurture inspiration and go from creative idea to artful execution. We’ll also be using a variety of supplies which will be available to everyone in a rainbow buffet of color and texture! I’ll also cover color basics, how to create balance and how to use contrast in your composition.

DIY Art Supplies

Thursday evening, May 30, 2019

Who says you need expensive tools and supplies to make great art and have fun? In this class, I’ll show you all my artist tricks on how I save money creating my own stamps, stencils, texture tools, alcohol inks and more! Creating your own tools not only saves money, but, more importantly, it is integral to your own unique journey as an artist! Even if you’ve been at this for years or are just starting out, making your own tools means making your own marks and finding your own unique voice! Break the mold! Make stencils, stamps, and texture tools that are unique to YOU. The second half of class will include a chance to play in our art journals with our new stencils, stamps & tools! I’ll show you how to create some fun, vibrant pages and how to layer and work with your new goodies!

Messy Abstract Minis

Saturday Eve, June 1, 2019

Let’s explore making messy, abstract backgrounds in our art journals with a variety of colors, textures, tools and art supplies! I'll help you build layers to create fun, colorful pages in your journals that can stand alone or be used as a backdrop to special words or images. I'll help you with color choices and we'll talk about contrast and balance to create harmonious compositions. These techniques can also be repeated on your other mixed media projects! You can think of your journal as a little "notebook" where we'll experiment, play and come up with unique recipes for future projects!

Simply Stunning Faces

Sunday, June 2, 2019

In this workshop, we’ll get down to basics on how to create quick, easy, yet stunning portraits in your art journal. I’ll show you how to create a simple background that will be the backdrop to your gorgeous portrait. We’ll create several faces using a variety of techniques that will be sure to make you LOVE creating faces--something we often shy away from! I’ll show you how I build up layers that are revealed and hidden in the portrait and how to tie the background together with the face. We'll also add some textures with stamps and texture tools to give your face character. Finally, we’ll embellish our faces with collage and words that are close to our hearts AND we’ll bring these beauties to life with simple shading and highlighting techniques.