Online Workshops

You've asked for it, now it's here!  Online classes available 24/7 at your convenience!    Sign-up begin Monday, July 9 and class begins August 1!  

Luscious Layered Portraits

Learn how to draw and create luscious, layered mixed media portraits in this online workshop!  Drawing faces and finding your own style can be HARD!  But I know how to make it easy and fun with a few simple steps.  You'll be excited to draw and create gorgeous faces in your art journal and other mixed media art projects!  We'll go over the basics of face proportion and I'll show you some of my most favorite "cheats" for creating a lovely face.  You'll also learn how to create simple depth and dimension with a bit of shading and highlighting with oil paint sticks to give your portrait life!

Art Journal.png

Art Journal Abstracts

Coming this FALL!

Want to learn how to create abstract backgrounds in your art journal?

Love the look of abstract art but aren't sure where to start?

Have a studio full of supplies but don't feel inspired?

I'll share with you easy prompts & techniques to get you started no matter where you are on your creative journey!  Feel inspired again by your art supplies and learn how to create quick, luscious, textured, abstract backgrounds in your art journal.  In this course, you'll learn about all my favorite art materials, what I use most often, where I find my materials and MORE! These technique can also be used in your other art projects as well!