Set of 3 5x8" TN inserts

Set of 3 5x8" TN inserts


I love these handmade, 5x8" traveller's notebook inserts and I thought you would, too! So I made a bunch with beautiful, textured scrapbook paper and filled them with my most favorite mix of paper from my personal stash. 

I keep one in my planner to take notes, one in my purse for art journaling on the go, and another in my travel art bag to rip out pages for collage! 

Each TN has 32 pages of random, vintage, ledger, grid, and fluorescent papers! See photos in listing to view a sample of the papers used inside the notebooks. Each notebook is handmade, so papers may vary, but all notebooks contain a mix of:

+vintage ledger paper (different colors, patterns, some with handwriting!)
+vintage grid paper
+vintage music sheets
+vintage-inspired scrapbook paper
+fluorescent paper
+vintage or vintage-inspired text

There is a great mix of blank, lined, and some patterned paper. Perfect for making lists, taking notes, using as an art journal for collage or mixed media, or tearing out pages to use in your mixed media projects!

Paper choices for cover (see last two photos):
Large Stripe, Large Black Floral, Large Dot, Stripe Floral, Small Dot, Large Blue Floral, Xs, Small Dot, Small Black Dot, Floral Dot, Large White Floral, Small Blue Floral, Cheetah Print, Woven Print

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