Hello and Welcome!

My name is Nicole Austin and I'm the artist behind Kinueko!  I am a mixed media artist, designer and instructor and I'm excited to share my love and knowledge of all-things-art-related with you!  I believe that we are all creative and that art is a great way to connect with each other.  I'm here to help you on your artistic journey, no matter where you are along your path!

My Story

I started my journey as an artist as most of us do: in childhood!  My earliest memories are of scribbling on every surface I could get my hands on--books (I was an early, altered-book enthusiast!), walls and tables (not a favorite of the adults in my house!), sidewalks--you name it!  My artistic desire knew no bounds!  I always knew I wanted to be an artist, author and teacher, and I have slowly taken my time navigating through every possible route to achieve my dreams.  I have not always done it the "right way" or even gotten to my goal on the first try (who does?) but I've never given up! (Or, I have given up--haven't we all hit a wall or two or three in our lives? BUT, I've gotten back up and tried again and again and again, each time a little wiser and with a different approach).  I started formally teaching art in 2001 at elementary schools and community centers and graduated San Jose State University with a BA in Creative Arts in 2005.  I discovered the amazing world of mixed media art in 2007, when I started my first blog;  There I chronicled my adventures as a mom and artist.  I attended my first art retreat, Artfest, in 2008 where I became aware that there were many others just like me who longed for community and creative knowledge.  There, I met an amazing group of ladies, the Bay Area Art Sisters, with whom I could learn and grow as an artist feel comfortable just being my weird, artsy self!  I began teaching my first informal workshops to my friends and family over the years and now I teach online, as well as at studios, retreats and private events around the country.  

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