I'm teaching at Art and Soul Virginia Beach!


I’m excited and honored to announce that I will be teaching alongside some very amazing and talented artists at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach, VA this fall!  

I will be teaching two classes:

Luscious Layered Portraits

Monday October 2, 9a-4:30p

We will build on simple layers in our art journals to create easy yet amazing portraits. First, we will create our own unique, layered collage paper using deli paper, acrylic paint, spray ink, stencils, oil pastels and texture plates. Then we will build layers in our art journals, working on multiple surfaces, to keep the creative momentum going. We will use spray inks and oil pastels to create quick and beautiful backgrounds, and add a bit of collage using the unique collage papers we created in the beginning of class. The faces we draw will be simple yet expressive. We will then fill in our faces with color and texture using the oil paint sticks, using subtle shading to create dimension. We will use stamps and collage to reveal and hide layers in the face to create truly beautiful, soulful portraits.

Messy Mixed Media Angels

Tuesday October 3, 9a-4:30p

I will share with you my favorite materials and techniques for creating amazing, messy, mixed media backgrounds. We’ll add images of people we find in catalogs and/or magazines for incorporating them into our backgrounds as a way to “cheat” without having to draw them in and transform them into our angels. We will also explore how to save pages in our journals that aren’t “working” or we don’t quite like by building up messy layers over “not so precious” backgrounds; it’s a great way to let go and enjoy the intuitive, mess making process!)

Registration is going on now!  Early registration discount is available until April 1!

For those of you new to Art and Soul (or art retreats in general), it is a week-long event that happens three times a year in various locations around the US.  Art and Soul Virginia Beach will take place October 2-8, 2017.  There are many classes to choose from, and a vendor night where you can meet the instructors and buy one-of-a-kind, handmade art as well as unique items for making art (stamps, stencils, vintage finds, etc!).  You have the option of attending a few classes, or staying for the whole week.  There are half day and full day classes available.  The event takes place at Virginia Beach Resort Hotel.  For more information, or to register, visit: www.artandsoulretreat.com

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