Neon Obsessed!


I LOVE fluorescent or neon art supplies! I didn't realize HOW much until I put them all in a pile one day and saw I had collected quite a bit!  

It's no surprise, I guess, I mean, I WAS a child of the 80s and teen of the early 90s, so, maybe there was some nostalgia at play there.  BUT, I do love how fluorescents really add that nice bit of contrast or interest to a canvas or journal page I'm working on.  Seriously, when I'm feeling down, or in an artistic rut, all I need is a little bit of hot pink or neon green to wake me up and make me want to create til all hours of the night!


I'd have to say my favorite fluorescent art materials right now are Liquitex paint pens (15 mm size), Hero Arts neon spray inks, Deco Art & Golden acrylic paints and my special set of neon watercolors from my friend Vicki (hi, Vicki!) that she got at Case for Making in San Francisco.  

What are your favorite materials to play with these days?  Do you love neon?  What materials are you obsessed with lately?