I'm Published in Art Journaling Magazine!

art journaling nicole austin

It’s always been a dream and goal of mine to be published in Art Journaling magazine! I’ve been a loyal reader for 10 years and I’ve loved flipping through the pages at my local book store or at home with a cup of coffee! But I, like many artists, have always struggled with thoughts of self doubt and impostor syndrome. “I’m not a real artist,” “I’m not as good as her,” “It’s too late for me to be an artist.” Does this sound familiar? I just want to encourage you to keep at it! You will get a TON of “NO”s before you get that one YES. And it’s that one YES that you should celebrate. In fact, the same week I got my complimentary copy of Art Journaling’s April 2019 issue, I also received a rejection of one of my journals I sent in two years prior! So it just goes to show that you can’t define your creative endeavors by your “failures” or rejections. Focus on the good, the positive, the NOW. If you have a dream to be an artist or be published or teach…DO IT! It’s never too late and there’s always someone that will look up to you from where they’re at for inspiration. If you are just starting out as an artist or want to know how to get started, reach out with some questions—I’m always happy to help a fellow creative soul! And with that, I’m off to the next goal of mine. Even if it takes me down a windy, two-year-long path with lots of ups and downs and side-tracks along the way, it’s fine with me! I’m up for the adventure. Are you? :)