How to Make Glitter Wine Glasses


I created a tutorial over at on how to make glitter wine glasses!  This project is a great way to add sparkle to any special event or holiday or just add some fun to your home decor.  They make great gifts and the supplies are inexpensive and easy to find!

In the tutorial, I show you basic techniques and then from there, we'll get really creative and make some very unique designs that are great for every day, special occasions or holidays!  A simple set above, combined with some more intricate designs make for wonderful holiday place settings and decor!

Wouldn't this be fun for a Halloween party? If you don't drink wine, you could easily fill these with different color soda for some spooky "potions" (think green apple, orange, and grape just to name a few!) And having a simple set of rainbow colors makes it easy to switch from one holiday to the next.  

It would be so easy to go from Christmas to Valentine's Day by simply swapping out green for purple (below):

Super cute, huh?  Hop on over to for the full tutorial!  Enjoy and happy creating!