How to Paint Galaxy Shoes


I am forever inspired by the colors of galaxies and all things interstellar!  Go on over to the Kit Kraft blog to see my tutorial on how to paint your own galaxy shoes with fabric dye and acrylic paint.  

The colors are rich, deep and so vibrant!  Using fabric dye (aka the stuff you use for tie dye!) really brought me back to childhood when I first learned to tie dye shirts in my best friend's garage one summer.  

It felt so magical to see all the colors mixing and blending together to create something unique and wearable!  I was in awe (and still am!) that I could create something fun and fashionable to wear and with the simplest of materials.

So pretty!  I hope you're inspired to create something of your own!  Go check out the tutorial and let me know what you think (and share if you were inspired to create something!) . Happy creating!